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Variceal bleeding generally considered as a critical and dangerous indication. It is known to lead to high mortality rate in case of hypertension pre-existing conditions.

Esophageal and Gastric varices differ in their occurrences, morbidity rates. Gastric varices are generally larger and occur lesser. But the severity of the bleeding is higher.

Various endoscopic procedures have been successfully executed all over the world for treating these varices.

Please follow various standard endoscopic procedures for treating varices under strict control and guidance of a licensed physician.

.... GESIKA is a innovative product package consisting of various items that are needed for a successful execution and completion of an endoscopic procedure for treating varices using surgical glue.

The active ingredient of GESIKA is 'Enbucrilate'  (n-butyl 2-cyanoacrylate) also widely known as surgical glue. Total one milliliter of Enbucrilate is provided in a easy snap-off ampoule.

The main tool for executing a glue pack procedure through endoscopy is the 'Needle'. One endoscopic needle (export quality, size 21 G) is included in the GESIKA pack. This needle is protected by a hard shell of plastic coil.

Once the procedure is completed, the endoscope needs to be pulled out and the cleaned immediately. Any glue left out can choke the channels or cover the camera or light path of the endoscope resulting in un-usable endoscope which may require expensive maintenance.  GESIKA pack includes a endoscope cleansing liquid (medical grade acetone)  for quick and safe cleaning of endoscope channels.

Also included in the GESIKA pack are two syringes complete with needles. One can be used to inject Enbucrilate and other can be used for injecting cleansing fluid (acetone) to clean the endoscope after withdrawal and completion of the procedure.

n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (enbucrilate) snap off ampoule.....1ml
Endoscope needle (Sclerotherapy needle)  Size 21G.......1 unit
Endoscope Cleansing Fluid (acetone) bottle.........2 ml
Syringes for injection......2 units

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